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SPOILER ALERT: This article contains major spoilers for “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse,” now playing in theaters.

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From top left, clockwise: Gwen Stacy (Hailee Steinfeld), Peter B. Parker (Jake Johnson) and his daughter Mayday; Miles Morales as Spider-Man (Shameik Moore); Jessica Drew (Issa Rae) and Miguel O’ Hara (Oscar Isaac); Pavitr Prabhakar (Karan Soni), Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales.
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Since the introduction of Spider-Man in 1962, there have been numerous iterations of the beloved character across various mediums. From TV shows to films, we’ve seen Tobey Maguire’s portrayal in 2002, Andrew Garfield taking on the role in 2012, and Tom Holland joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2016. The most recent addition, Miles Morales, made his debut in the acclaimed animated film Into The Spider-Verse in 2018, revealing the interconnectedness of the Spider-People through the concept of the Spider-Verse.

Into The Spider-Verse introduced a diverse team of Spider-People, including Spider-Man, Spider-Ham, Peni Parker, and Spider-Man Noir, each hailing from different dimensions within the multiverse. The upcoming film, Across The Spider-Verse, promises to delve further into the vastness of the multiverse. With so many Spider-People, it can be overwhelming, so let’s explore the backgrounds of each key webslinger and their comic book origins before making their big-screen debuts.

The first black and Latino person to assume the Spider-Man mantle, Morales was written as a reluctant teenager who gets bitten by a radioactive spider but is less than ecstatic about his resultant powers. He is thrust into the responsibility only after the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker, is killed by the Green Goblin.

Gwen Stacy (Hailee Steinfeld)

Once upon a radioactive spider bite, Gwen transformed into the one and only Spider-Woman in her unique Earth-65 universe. To her surprise, her best friend Peter Parker took a dark turn, becoming the scaly Lizard. Mistaking him for a mindless monster, Gwen clashed with him, only to discover the heartbreaking truth: it was Peter all along! To complicate matters, her father, Captain George Stacy, arrived and blamed Spider-Woman for Peter’s untimely demise.

Gwen’s path crossed with Miles’ in the captivating web of Into the Spider-Verse, thanks to Kingpin’s meddling with the multiverse. Their adventure sparked a connection that felt like the start of something special. In the comic realm, the charismatic Spider-Gwen, created by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez, swung into action in the thrilling 2014 miniseries Edge of Spider-Verse. Now, she stars in her own ongoing series, spinning a web of excitement as Spider-Gwen!

Miguel O’Hara (Oscar Isaac)

Get ready to meet the melodramatic anti-hero extraordinaire, Miguel O’Hara, straight out of the wacky world of Earth-928 in the mind-bending Across The Spider-Verse! Leading a team across dimensions, Miguel’s got the job of wrangling all those pesky “anomalies” who decided to take a vacation in other dimensions. And guess what? He bumps into Gwen Stacey during an epic fight, reluctantly becoming her oh-so-reluctant mentor. Why? Because he knows better than anyone the chaos that ensues when you mess with the web of reality in just one dimension.

Now, let me tell you, Miguel made quite the entrance in the Marvel comics way back in 1992. He broke the mold as the first non-White Spider-Man to swing onto the scene. Talk about breaking barriers! Here’s the scoop: Miguel, head honcho of genetics at Alchemax, had one mission—recreating the legendary Spider-Man’s powers. But hold your horses, there’s more! The guy had a bit of a drug addiction, Rapture, which he tried to kick by going all-in on those experiments. But guess what? A sneaky coworker messed things up, and Miguel ended up with 50 percent spider DNA. Voila! Spider-Man 2099 was born, teaming up with Peter Parker to tackle alternate versions of Spidey’s most infamous foes. Buckle up for a multiverse extravaganza you won’t want to miss!

Jessica Drew (Issa Rae)

Get ready to meet Jessica Drew, aka the one and only Spider-Woman, making her grand debut in the electrifying Across the Spider-Verse! Hold on tight, because this lady is no ordinary superhero—she’s Marvel’s first-ever pregnant powerhouse to grace the silver screen. Talk about breaking barriers!

Now, let me set the scene: Jessica swings onto the scene to lend a hand to Gwen and Miguel as they tackle the pesky Vulture wreaking havoc on Gwen’s home turf of Earth-65. As Miguel’s trusty sidekick Spider-Person, she convinces him to bring Gwen back to the epicenter of Spider-Society action, where she becomes Gwen’s kick-butt mentor during her training.

But hold up! Jessica’s journey doesn’t stop there. In the captivating world of Ultimate Marvel comics, created by the brilliant minds of Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley, Jessica Drew emerges as a female clone of none other than Peter Parker himself. Cooked up in the lab by the one and only Doctor Octopus during the thrilling “Clone Saga” storyline, she’s got quite the unique origin. And guess what? Her pregnancy becomes a game-changer in a wild 2015 issue of Spider-Woman, crafted by the talented duo of Dennis Hopeless and Javier Rodriguez. Get ready to witness a superpowered mom-to-be like you’ve never seen before!

Spider-Punk (Daniel Kalyuua)

Get ready to rock out with the one and only Hobie Brown, the groovy Spider-Punk from the rebellious Earth-138, as he jams on his electric guitar while taking down baddies in the mind-blowing Across The Spider-Verse! This dude is t
he fascinating folks she’s encountered across dimensions, Hobie’s name pops up, leading to an epic team-up to battle the notorious villain, The Spot. And let me tell you, this dude brings the attitude and delivers some killer one-liners that’ll have you in stitches.

Now, let’s dive into Spider-Punk’s origin story. He’s a fresh face in the Spider-Verse, making his debut in 2015 as a rebellious, unhoused youth who had a fateful encounter with a radioactive spider. But hold onto your mohawks, because this spider had a twist! It was mutated due to none other than President Norman Osborn’s irresponsible dumping of toxic waste. Talk about a wild ride! Spider-Punk teams up with the radical Captain Anarchy and Earth-138’s very own Hulk, the one and only Robbie Banner, to fight for freedom against oppressive power structures. Get ready to rock ‘n’ roll with Spider-Punk in an adventure that’ll make your head spin!

Peter B. Parker (Jake Johnson)

Picture this: When Peter B., a seasoned crime-fighting veteran from the bustling Earth-616, got yanked into Miles’ universe in the mind-blowing Into the Spider-Verse, he wasn’t exactly thrilled about playing hero or becoming Miles’ trusty mentor. Oh no, he was totally over it! After battling villains for more than two decades, Peter B. was feeling worn out, both physically and emotionally. Talk about a serious case of superhero burnout!

But hold your web-slingers, because things take a delightful twist! Enter Miles and the spectacular Spider-Gang, a bunch of misfits who know how to inject some serious zest back into Peter B.’s heroics. With their infectious energy, they reignite his passion for being a true-blue hero, sending him back to his universe with a newfound determination to turn his life around. Talk about a superpowered intervention!

Now, in the electrifying Across the Spider-Verse, we get the inside scoop that Peter B. managed to patch things up with his love, Mary Jane, and guess what? They even brought a bundle of joy into the world—a precious little web-slinger in the making! Peter B. finds hope in the idea that his daughter might grow up to be just as incredible as Miles. Ain’t that heartwarming?

In the wacky world of comics, Earth-616’s Spider-Man shares a bit of a backstory with our pal Peter B. Parker, but trust me, that’s where the similarities end. Brace yourselves for a wild adventure that’ll have you swinging from laughter to excitement in no time!

Pavitr Prabhakar (Karan Soni)

Get ready for an exciting ride through the vibrant world of Mumbattan, where Earth-50101 sets the stage for a thrilling chapter in Across The Spider-Verse! As the story unfolds, hold onto your turbans as Gwen embarks on an epic journey to Mumbattan, with Miles swiftly following in her footsteps. But lo and behold, this dimension holds a delightful surprise just waiting to be discovered!

Enter the charismatic and sharp-tongued Pavitr Prabhakar, voiced by the incredible talent of Karan Soni. With his infectious charm and unwavering spirit, Pavitr becomes an invaluable addition to the team, joining forces with Gwen, Spider-Punk, and Miles in their battle against the notorious Spot. While capturing this elusive villain may prove to be a challenge, get ready for a heart-pounding twist as Miles stumbles upon a “canon event” and disrupts it, setting in motion a whirlwind of consequences that could shake the very fabric of the Spider-Verse. Get ready for a web-slinging adventure like never before!

But let’s take a step back and explore Pavitr’s origins in the rich world of Indian comics. Born in a humble village that safeguarded a precious amulet coveted by wicked supervillains, Pavitr’s journey takes an unexpected turn when he ventures beyond his village and finds himself in the bustling city of Mumbai. Little does he know that this decision will set in motion a chain of events, leading to the destruction of his beloved village at the hands of the notorious Oberoi, all in the relentless pursuit of the coveted amulet. Brace yourself for a tale of tragedy and triumph!

Fear not, dear readers, for Pavitr finds solace in the presence of a mystical figure known as the Master Weaver. With the guidance and blessings of this enigmatic entity, Pavitr discovers his hidden powers and embraces his destiny as the protector of Mumbai. Get ready to be enthralled by his courage, as he takes on the mantle of a true superhero, defending his city from the forces of evil.

So, tighten your pagdis and buckle up, as we swing through the vibrant streets of Mumbattan alongside Pavitr, Gwen, Miles, and the rest of the gang in an electrifying adventure that will leave you spellbound. Get ready to witness the magic, mystique, and resounding triumph of the Spider-Verse, the Indian way!

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